Ahmaud Arbery Case

NAAWP calls NAACP about Ahmaud Aubrey case
National Association for the Advancement of White People calls
National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
about the Ahmaud Abrey case which has not yet gone to trial
pointing out the Aubrey was trespassing and pulled on the rifle barrel.



Hello, this is Rick Shaddock calling for Hilary Shelton
Greetings from your neighbors around the corner on K STreet at
the National Association for the Advancedment of White People

We always have a friendly relationship with the NAACP
which I am also a member of, as a flesh Colored Person

Eveyrone at the NAAWP admires and is inspired by how the NAACP
stands up for one's race and ancesters, which is only natural,
and programmed into our DNA.

If there is any competition between races, it is friendly, as in
the Olympics, which brings out everyone's best.
African Americans have advanced to the top of many fields in

We want to encourage NAACP to wait until the Ahmaud Arbery trial
is complete before making pronouncements.
If the evidence shows that the 2 McMichaels are guilty, then they
should be punished
But there is security video showing Mr. Arbery trespassing on the
and trying to grab the rifle
What would you do?

So let's hold off on any announcement to the press which may
inflame racial disharmony between Americans

Now William Bryan has been charged with murder, and all he did
was photograph the incident showing Arbery trying to grab the
rifle. Arbery could easily jog around his vehicle. Will this mob
rule and white lynching be Justice in America if whites become a
minority. ?
Let's work together for equal justice regardless of skin color.
My number is 202-221-5022
the National Association for the Advancement of White People
Thank you very much