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American Renaissance  - Jared Taylor, Director

Achievements and Power of Electricity and Electronica as Magnifiers and Amplifiers of Black Prowess


Most of America's Businesses Run by White Men, Says Census Bureau | Economy | US News

Race and Crime in the USA

We should never judge people based on their skin color, but should look within to deeper inner qualities, such as cranial capacity and IQ.
Dr. J. Philippe Rushton (PhD, Psychology, University of London)

IQ and Fertility Rate by Country

Google Anti-White Racism

History of the NAAWP
1953 Bryant Boles, incorporated in Delaware
1979 David Duke (formerly in the KKK), Metaine, Louisiana
1988 Southern Poverty Law Center declared it a "hate group" (without evidence of course)

Wikipedia's list of white nationalist organizations, by country

War on Whites - news articles encouraging White depopulation