White Couple Falsely Accused of "Felonious Assault" with a gun
Black Woman Strikes their SUV then Plays the "Victim"
Oakland County Michigan


NAAWP has left a message for Oakland County Michigan Sheriff Bouchard's office asking them to watch this entire video which proves that the black woman was harassing Eric and Jillian Wuestenberg, even as they were trying to de-escalate and drive away.  The black woman, on video, did not de-escalate, but went behind the Wuestenberg's SUV (obstruction, kidnapping) to escalate the matter while recording a video for social media, along with a friend with another phone camera.  She leaned in to the car, and struck it (attempted property damage, assault).  Then she pretends to be the "victim" saying "You f*king hit me with your car."   Look at the comments on the video.  It is clear to the public, both black and white, that she was trying to provoke an incident.  Arresting the Wuestenberg's shows how easy it is to get whites arrested, and will only encourage the incitement of more such exaggerated incidents. 

Message for Oakland County Sheriff's office
1-248-858-5000, Non-emergency, 6 - Friend of the Court

Message for Sergeant Dale Brown handling the case

Oakland University, on behalf of Eric Wuestenberg
Brian Bierley

Unable to call County Prosecutor Jessica Cooper (Democrat) 1-248-858-0656
NaawpProsecNone.MP3 no answer

Sheriff Michael J. Bouchard calls for de-escalation of the situation
(which is what the Wuestenbergs were trying to do).
 Frank Witsil: 313-222-5022 or fwitsil@freepress.com