First Top Guns

Lt. Jerry Beaulier - pilot
Lt. J.G. Steve Barkley
 - co-pilot

Lt Jerry Beaulier (left) and Lt(jg) Steve Barkley (sporting his famous moustache) of VF-142 were awarded a bottle of champagne from the carrier battle group commander, after their Mar. 28, 1970 MiG-21 shoot-down.
Interview with Jerry Beaulier

VF-121 Advanced Tactics Flight Instructors 1969 - the original "TOPGUN" Instructors:
Back row: Jerry Kinch, Dick Moody, Peter Jago, Tom Irlbeck, Darrell "Condor" Gary, Ross Anderson, Jerry "Ski" Sawatsky, Sam Vernallis, Don Sharer, Jim "Hawkey" Laing
Front: Joel Graffan, Steve "Rebel" Smith, Mel "Rattler" Holmes, Hank Halleland, Dan "Yank" Pedersen, Vern Jumper, Jim "Cobra" Ruliffson, John "Smash" Nash, J.C. "Mississippi 225000" Smith

Recent TOPGUN Graduates

3 Flight Instructors, 2 Officers, 17 White Men, 1 Girl

(White) Faces of the Fleet


Commander Guy Snodgrass - the top Top Gun

Shooting down fake "Top Gun" James Harvey


The first Top Gun class, the U.S. Navy Fighter School, graduated in 1969. Lt. Jerry Beaulier, with co-pilot Steve Barkley, was the first graduate to shoot down a US enemy jet, the purpose of Top Gun school, in a "dog fight" on March 28, 1970.

USAF's Fighter Gunnery trophy awarded 2 plane classes in 1949, in a practice exercise during peace time, a year before the Korean War. Captain Vermont Garrison won the Jet Class (fast) and shot down 17 planes in WW2 and Korea. Lt. James Harvey won Conventional Class (slow propeller), yet never shot down any enemy. It is claimed by race victimhood profiteers that the trophy was "hidden" to hide Harvey's accomplishment but the top Jet Class winner was White.

James Harvey is not the "Top Gun" but listed at the bottom of the trophy.

It is claimed by race victimhood profiteers that the trophy was "hidden" to hide Harvey's accomplishment
but the top Jet Class winner on the trophy was Garrison who is White, and he is not mentioned as co-winner.

BLM claims that Harvey's win in the WW1 class planes was "hidden". It was not. The trophy has been on continuous display in the National Museum of the Air Force at the Wright Patterson AFB in Ohio.  On the contrary, they hide the fact that a White is at the top of the trophy winning the Jet Class competition.

Both Whites and Black won this trophy in 1949, for Jet Class and Conventional Class

Captain Vermont Garrison was the winner in the Jet Class (fast)
Harvey won in the Conventional Class (slow propeller)
and implies he is the only one on the trophy description.

To appease Harvey and BLM, a new plaque was made in 2022 only mentioning his name and team for the 1949 trophy, not the Whites such as Captain Garrison.

The Air Force has a special page pandering to James Harvey and BLM with no mention of Whites who also won the trophy.

James Harvey of the Air Force Tuskagee airman falsely claims to be the "first Top Gun", but this is stolen valor.
He does not mention Captain Vermont Garrison who is White and won the Jet Class
The first and current Top Gun classes are all White.

Jerry Beaulier was the first Top Gun with a MiG shoot down
on March 28, 1970.  He flew 221 combat missions.

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